Solaloy Super 68 powder




Solaloy Super 68 powder


SOLALOY SUPER 68 dental amalgam powders are premium amalgam alloy with a long heritage as the standard of excellence. This restorative is estimated that over years approximately 1,000,000,000 restorations have been made using this alloy. Solaloy super 68 can offer excellent service for almost 20 years. These lathe cut particles alloy are so sized, shaped and free of contamination. Fine-like dust particles, which cause high flow and variations in setting expansion, have been eliminated.
Consist of: 68.4 % Ag, 26.3 % Sn, 4.7 % Cu, and 0.6% Zn

Product Features

– Ease of condensing with small faced pluggers and a smooth carving surface
– Excellent marginal adaption, freely and smoothly carved to occlusion
– No need to polish, restoration is enhanced by pre-carving burnishing
– Positive feather-edged smooth shaving to the desired result
– No clogging, agglomeration or chemistry imbalance
– Use in both high & low-speed amalgamators


Available in 30, 50, 100 and 250g


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